What are the benefits of fibreglass in the automotive industry?

Fibreglass is widely used in the automotive industry

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There are many reasons why you should choose fibreglass over other materials, so if you are interested, carry on reading to find out why.

Fibreglass is strong and long lasting

Fibreglass is far stronger than sheet metal. It also has a high resistance to corrosion; therefore the material will not rust.

Fibreglass can withstand all weather conditions and is great when needing to be used outside in places where the air salt content is higher.

Also, glass reinforced plastic will char and not burn, which is great if needed to be placed around corrosive chemicals. See more information.

The freedom to design what you want

There are almost zero restrictions when it comes to moulding fibreglass, giving the designer complete freedom to fulfil their client’s demands. You will be able to avoid those boxed looking products and create something modern and stylish.

The appearance

Fibreglass is a very aesthetically pleasing product and can improve the overall aesthetics of an item. If you’re after a specific look, you can achieve whatever style you desire and will also giveĀ  a hi-tech feel. Please contact us for more information.

Fibreglass is cost effective

Prices are much more stable with fibreglass compared to other materials such as steel. Prices are also lower for maintenance and warranty work, meaning in the long run, you won’t have to spend as much.

Lastly, as fibreglass is far lighter, yet stronger, shipping prices will be less than importing steel.

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