Weights for each car




Carrera 4

Carrera 2

Empty weight per DIN


Maximum gross weight


Maximum axle load, front*
Maximum axle load, rear*
Maximum trailer load, unbraked**
Maximum trailer load, braked**


Maximum towed weight


Maximum supported load


Maximum roof load***


1450 kg
1790 kg
760 kg
1050 kg
500 kg
1200 kg
2990 kg

75 kg

75 kg

1350 kg
1690 kg


710 kg


1050 kg
500 kg
1200 kg
2890 kg
75 kg
75 kg



* The maximum gross weight must not he exceeded.


NOTE: If additional accessories are installed (air conditioner, etc.), the usable load will he correspondingly less.


** Maximum 16% grade (applies only to original Porsche trailer outfit).


***Applies only when original Porsche roof rack frame is used: otherwise
roof load is 35 kg.



(at maximum gross weight)



Dimensions.JPG (75531 bytes)



Height (empty weight)
Ground clearance*
Front track
Rear track………8 J x 16 rims
Rear track………7 J x 16 rims
Turning circle
Overhang angle front*
Overhand angle rear*



4,250 mm
1,652 mm


1,320 mm


2,272 mm
120 mm
1,380 mm
1,374 mm
1,369 mm
???? mm


* At DIN empty weight




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