Popular Combat Games

Airsoft Combat Sport


Airsoft originated in Japan from the early 1980s as a way of answering the craze of paintball. Over recent years, airsoft equipment, games and technology has advanced massively as a sport and hobby. The recent advancements mean that players can enjoy a more realistic game, whilst experiencing higher performance weapons. Find out more.

Because of this, the game was able to create better realism in play which has lead to the game developing into a true immersive combat sport.

How do Airsoft Guns Work?

The majority of airsoft guns fire 6mm plastic BBs at a low speed which is fast enough to feel, but slow enough to not cause any injury or harm. BBs can be fired from a variety of ranges, including up to 150ft, but are much less painful compared to paintballing. Difference in BB weights.

Airsoft guns are designed to replicate a real gun which is why they look so similar. Airsoft guns are legally called Realistic Imitation Firearms.

An example of an RIF is the King Arms airsoft gun collection. View more information.

Paintball Game


Paintball is one of the UK’s most popular sports. There are many groups of people that play paintball on a regular basis, similar to other sports and hobbies. Paintball combines teamwork, strategy and skill into a fun, exciting and action packed day. Click here to see closest locations.

Playing Paintball

When playing paintball, you must be fully equipped by wearing protective clothing, safety masks and thick clothing. Players compete against each other armed with the latest semi-automatic marker guns that fire paintballs.

Players are often put into team to try to complete a series of exciting missions, whilst trying to avoid being hit with paint from one of the opposing players. The team who completes the most tasks during the day and have had the least number of hits are the winners!

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