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Important Tyre Advice

Purchasing the appropriate tyres for your vehicle, whilst also making sure they are in good condition is essential for the safety of you and your passengers. Common causes.

Braking distances vary depending on road surfaces, the weather and having the right tyres in the right condition. Power Seeker UK will check your tyres as part of our duty of care however, it is important you understand the legal requirements as well as the impact of using tyres that have a tread that is only just above the minimum. Why it matters.

The condition of your tyres affects your safety when accelerating, braking, steering and cornering.

The dangers of not checking your car's tyre pressure

Air Conditioning

Your vehicle’s air conditioning or climate control system requires regular maintenance if you want it to continue working safely and efficiently throughout its life.

The less efficient your air conditioning system, the more demands you place on your engine resulting in increased fuel consumption.

By using your vehicle’s air conditioning system on a regular basis, you will help to improve its performance. In addition when the temperatures drop your air conditioning will help to prevent windows misting up with condensation, particularly if you are re-circulating air to prevent noxious fumes entering your car.

Windscreen Protection

Having a chip or crack in your windscreen is common throughout car owners in the UK, USA and Australia. There are a few ways you can protect your windscreen.

  • Keep your distance: debris, stones and rock can flick up from the car in fronts tyres, so it is important to stay a safe distance away.
  • Reduce your speed: The faster you are going, the more likely objects can hit your windscreen, which will see a greater impact.
  • Get any chips repaired straight away: Any chip or crack should be repaired the moment you see it. If not, the crack could expand which could leak to your windscreen shattering. Windscreen repairs Sydney.

Windscreen repairs

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