964 Carrera 4 Cabriolet at the 1989 Motor Show,

964 Biography

Adrian Streather has kindly written up a 964 Biography
for this site.  Thanks Adrian for this comprehensive
introduction to the 964.

Complete 964 also has more information on the 964 and it’s history.

964 Variants

For more words, photos and specifications of the range of 964 Variants goto my
964 Variants Page

964 Specifications

Specifications appear on the Specifications pages. 
Also you’ll find information there on understanding your VIN number and option

911 History

Check out VAN ZWEEDEN’s Pictorial
of the 911.  A picture of every 911.

Wan’s site has another ‘Complete
History of the 911

Ferdinand Porsche Biography

Prescott Kelly has allowed my to reproduce his
Biography of Ferdinand Porsche
and his son Ferry.  A fascinating
story of challenge and innovation.


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