Distributor Maintenance

 Take a look at the state of
Eliott Davies’ contacts by clicking on the thumbnail. 
These are Elliot’s words after changing both caps and rotor arms. “My car is
now more responsive on the pick up, mine used to hesitate a little i.e.. when in
neutral and blipping the throttle there was always a bit of a delay before the
revs rose. Tickover also steadier when cold.”


Herewith instructions on how to replace caps and rotor arms.

you need to remove the heater blower air guide but loosening the bands at each
end and removing the electrical sensor connections.  This is the large
black pipe to the left of the picture.

Put a rag in the big black screw-eating hole.

Remove the two screws holding down each cap.


labelled the plus lead just to make sure we didn’t screw up. The leads pulled
off the cap just using fingers to pull.  Do one cap at a time and replace
the rotor.  Just pushes on. The connect up the new cap.  Then onto the
other cap.


Inspecting Your belt

the interesting bit.  Lift off the metal protection plate on the lower
master distributor and you will glimpse the belt in two places.  A torch is
helpful to see detail. You can rotate the engine by hand or with the starter and
inspect the length of the belt.


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