Bentley Manual

Porsche Carrera 911, 964: 1989-1994 Technical Data

I have just obtained a (discounted) copy of the Bentley Technical Data Manual
from Simon at Essential Styling Ltd.

If you ask him nicely, the deal was Ј37.50+vat & delivery (from RRP
Ј48.95+vat & del).

A few comments went around amongst 964 owners following the launch of this
manual. We are of course all waiting expectantly for the birth ofbook also due to
be delivered by Bentley. Meanwhile this book seemed to have all of the
information I would need to hand. The author is anonymous in Haynes/technical
manual style, however our very own 964 Guru Adrian does feature very prominently
in the technical acknowledgements, and the some of the book does have the
familiar feel and guidance of Adrian’s very wise words.

Cars Covered

bullet C2
bullet C4
bullet RS America
bullet Turbo
bullet Turbo 3.6

Engines covered

bullet 3.6 litre normally aspirated
bullet 3.3 litre turbo
bullet 3.6 litre turbo

Transmissions covered

bullet G50 series (RWD)
bullet G64 series (4WD)
bullet A40 series (Tiptronic)

Scope covered

bullet General & Maintenance
bullet Engine – Crankcase, Crankshaft Cyl. Heads & Lubrication
bullet Engine Management – Fuel Supply Turbo, DME Fuel Injection; CIS Fuel
injection; Exhaust System; Alternator, Battery, Starter, Ignition system
bullet Drivetrain – Clutch Assy, Turbo Transmission, C4 Transmission, Tiptronic
Transmission, Front Final Drive
bullet Chassis – Front Suspension, Rear Suspension, Alignment, wheels & tyres,
Brake system, steering
bullet Heating & Aircon
bullet Electrical System

Items covered repeat some of the information covered in the owner’s handbook,
but then continues to further the scope & detail, yet in much the same style. As
an example is the useful VIN, engine & gearbox numbers with location &
explanation information and the items covered at 6 & 12000 mile services albeit
oddly in kilometres but without reference to the measurement.

The engine section covers the basic information for anyone involved with
overseeing a engine rebuild, including grouping information for barrels &
pistons along with good diagrams on major components. It is not however a
step-by-step, DIY manual on how a novice could do this complex task themselves.

Likewise the sections on Dual Mass Flywheel, Gearbox diagrams, Clutch & Drive
train are more for interested and involved owners, rather than a substitute for
the services of a good mechanic.

Amongst the sections that are of most use are those that help with emergency
repairs and DIY fault finding for those annoying ongoing problems that even the
specialists seem unable to cure 1st time. These range from the dry sump oil
system, brake system, DME Fuel system, ignition system and the infamous DME

Suspension and exhaust sections are useful for owners buying replacement parts
or upgrading their systems and the brake disc and pad renewal is well within the
scope of DIY owner using the information given in the book to check tolerances
of discs.

The charging system section is great for the new 964 owner with the reluctance
to start being the first problem the owner will encounter especially over the
winter months, but is easily & cheaply solved.

Finally the electrical system section is good but could do with more detail. A
wiring diagram is not included, but earth points are, (a common source of
problems). The 964 has 22 of them. What is useful is a location chart of
electrical components e.g. cruise control relays and antenna amplifiers from
which much fault finding can be done, you can’t fix a part you don’t know


The 964 is not a overly complicated car. Part of the experience of 964
ownership is translating the idiosyncrasies of the Porsche from ownership of
conventional mainstream vehicles. By focusing on these areas, the technical
manual does a comprehensive job.

The workshop manual is available on disc and covers far more detail but this is
far more expensive, incomplete, unwieldy and not convenient most of the time. At
almost three times the cost of a Haynes manual (currently only available for the
earlier cars up to 1988) this book may seem expensive to some. There are some
however who prefer to wait for Adrian Streather’s book to come out, but frankly
what do we do till then if we have a problem.

For an owner like myself who has several excellent independent Porsche garages
nearby for servicing and major repairs, but still likes to do the minor Ѕ day
jobs themselves, get involved in fault diagnosis, and talk knowledgeably to the
specialists serving their car I feel this book is of great value. After all if
the average maintenance spend of 964 owners is around Ј2000, the Ј40 odd spent
on this seems cheap, and could pay for itself the first time it is used.

I am sure a few owners including myself wish they had it around to simply to
understand more complex problems on their vehicle, which were dealt with by a
specialist. Likewise if it succeeds in getting a few owners to diagnose &
self-fix a few of the easy problems on their car it will also prove to be a good


good buy for the involved owner, in addition to the essential of the owners
manual, Haynes manual for the 911 3.2 up to 1988, and perhaps the CD Workshop
manual and PET program, the owner should be readily able to tackle most feasible
tasks and discuss knowledgeably (& hence impress & not get ripped off!) by their
Porsche specialist. I look forward with anticipation (early 2003?) to see if
Adrian can raise the game.


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