964 Cup Car



Melvin Spear’s 911 (964) Cup Car


Built to contest the Porsche Carrera Cup and eventually the Supercup series
in 1992 and 1993, Porsche racing engineer Roland Kussmaul’s instructions were to
discard all equipment not strictly necessary for racing and to provide the
customer with a car handling in pure racing car fashion while modifying the
standard specification as little as possible. Races were conducted at tracks
across Europe, 35 cars per race (the front ten rows often only separated by one
second in practice) supporting the Formula 1 Circus at four events in ’92 and
six events in ’93. 1990 and ’91 cars were still front runners in the ’92 season.
Strict controls virtually eliminated any unfair advantage or unsportsmanlike
conduct in car preparation -Formula One please note! Porsche had the right to
take any car back to Weissach for conformity checks.

Cars also competed in the Alpine Cup, sanctioned by Swiss and Italian clubs,
the Veedol Endurance Trophy and the Ferrari-Porsche Challenge.

is known of the history of this car until it was bought by the owner of the
German AUTO-MOTORSPORT magazine (Peter-Paul Pietsch -incidentally still racing
in the 2002 Cup series in Europe) in 1996 and registered for the road. It
apparently raced with Kurt Ecke Racing, and also competed in the Porsche Club
Challenge in Germany. The second owner, a German dentist, (Dr Peter Fischer)
competed in the Kumho Ferrari-Porsche challenge at Zandvoort in Holland,
achieving two firsts and a second in 1997/98.

In 1998 RS Tuning of Germany removed the engine and carried out a Ј6,000
rebuild that included a 100 cell race cat, hot air film conversion, larger
throttle body, special cams and larger valves and springs and modified motor
management. The engine out figures were 306bhp (273bhp/tonne -Carrera 2
185bhp/tonne) 290lbs/ft torque. Original ’91 Cup Cars were in the region of
265bhp. On the JZM rolling road, this car achieved 299.7bhp.

In 2000 a full windows-out respray was carried out. The non-original Techart
spoiler was also added to replace the electronically raised winglet.

The previous owner imported the car in June 2000 and replaced the standard
sintered clutch with an RS clutch and the original winged racing seats with
Cobra race seats.

Melvin Spear has owned the car since the beginning of August 2001 and it was
bought primarily for track day use. Last track day season the car was used at
Goodwood, Donnington, Oulton Park, Brands Hatch (x3), Avon Park and Spa.

Apart from replacing tyres, and brake pads and a routine service, no major
work has been carried out. Appropriate Shell, Pagid, Pirelli and Bosch logos,
common to all Cup Cars, have been acquired and the car will slowly be
transformed back to the way it appeared in the 1991 season.

If you have any information on the
early year’s of this car or you have a cup car as well then Melvin would like to
hear from you. 

Differences between the Cup Car and a ‘standard’ 964

a description of the difference between the Cup care and a standard 964 click
the picture where you can see the obvious ride hide difference of around 3

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